Trowbridge & District Pool League
League History

The only written records known to be in existence are those relating to the times of my tenure as Chairman (1997-present). I have heard however, unofficially, that older references are still about from many years ago, possibly as early as the 60's or 70's.

I believe the League was known as the Trowbridge Town League. Maybe some of our veteren historians can shed some light on this for us.

I have vague recollections of the League from about 1990 when I first started playing pool in this area. Initially for The Ship, with Landlord John Madden and his wife, Anne, then at The Anchor & Hope which was run by Roy & Joan Leach.
I think there were only two divisions at this time, but I could be wrong. The League was then known as the Ushers League (they sponsored it). One thing for sure though is that the pace was being set by Paul Rodgers' sides (Navy Tavern C and then Foresters Arms C, Melksham). Some names that seem to stick are Wylde, Bell, Dicker, Baber, Rose, Guy.

I moved on to play for Cheers (Now The Malthouse) joining a very strong side including Rich Daffern, Mike Hillier, Howard Mckenzie, Jimmy & Steve James, Steve Bloomfield, Shane Bennett, Wordley Toye, Warwick Watkins (Landlord). This was the side which took the first division title from Paul Rodgers for the first time in years.
Just prior to the closing of Ushers Brewery, Moles Brewery became our main sponsor up until 2006.
Our main sponsor for 2008/09 was Westbury Park Engineering Ltd. Negotiations are in progress for new sponsors.

The League has been graced by many County players over the years. I won't attempt to mention them by name for fear of neglecting someone. Stars of the present though include England Team members Steve Borlase & Mike Eddy and there are many youngsters currently playing for Wiltshire Juniors.
I hope my recollections have been interesting with some names from the past.
If anyone can enlighten us further, send an email to me at or catch me at one of our meetings.



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